Публицистическая деятельность

Program Against Terrorist Propoganda


   The Foundation and The Institute for the Study and Counteraction of Terrorism conduct systematic monitoring and provide information materials against terrorist groups such as DAESH (IS).
    On a daily basis the Foundation monitors social networks and internet resources and builds up data such as terrorists' videos, documentaries, magazines and other materials. It carries out a frequency analysis of terrorist texts and logos, which are recorded automatically.
     We also work on creating counter-narrative materials against terrorist groups. This paper shows examples from the set of materials under the titles ‘IS is the Enemy of Islam’ and ‘DAESH's (IS) Crimes Against Women’ developed by The Foundation for the Study of Democracy, headed by Maxim Grigoryev, and  Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia, headed by Mufti Albir Krganov.

     We invite you to cooperate in this work against terrorist propaganda (e-mail: info-eng@democracyfund.ru).

     Counter-narrative materials agains terrorist group DAESH (IS) .pdf (20 Mb).